Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hey there.

I've moved Savvy by Nature from Wordpress to here on Blogger. I like the layout and the gadgets. I can also give in to the Dark Side and post ads for revenue, to support my starving writer/student lifestyle this coming winter. :P

I also have some new ideas on the direction I want the blog to go. I am posting most of my informational articles with Suite101 and Demand Studios, which leaves sort of a gap in my blog. So, I'll be focusing more on other bloggy things: links, videos, pictures, news, random rants and pieces of trivia. I'd also like to steer a little off course from my original plans for Savvy by Nature and include not just info on natural personal care products, but also natural remedies, green solutions, and other herby, natural, and Earth-friendly topics.



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