Saturday, January 23, 2010

Natural Frizzy Hair Product

About a year ago, I decided to gradually change out all of my commercial personal care products for natural ones. Soap was easiest. Fluoride-free toothpaste wasn't too hard to find. Natural shampoo and conditioner are a bit of a problem because they are so relatively expensive, but I manage and it's definitely worth it. I even found aluminum-free deodorants.

Problem was, where would I find a natural frizzy hair product? I couldn't imagine life without my antifrizz serum!

Previously, I'd bought a tin of Burt's Bees hand salve. It's a thick beeswax salve with a strong, pleasing herbal smell. I didn't find it too effective for my hands at the time (what I needed was a good natural lotion, which I've found!). So, the tin sat there for a time. It smelled too good to throw away.

One day, when I stepped out of the shower after washing my hair, a thought struck me, and I decided to act on it: I rubbed a little bit of the salve into my hands and smoothed it onto my hair. After combing it in with my fingers, I let my hair air dry (as always). I was a little worried about greasing my hair or making it stiff, but when it dried it was soft, manageable, natural feeling, and...most of all...there was no frizz!

Usually, if I didn't use antifrizz serum, I would be a puffball. A little dab of the salve smoothed it right out, though!

I've been exclusively using the salve for my hair for almost a year now, and it's working out just great. I don't miss the serum, and if I notice a little frizz after my usual treatment, I just comb in a little extra salve...and voila!

I found that any beeswax salve works good. I prefer the hand salve by Burt's Bees (only because I like the smell), but I've also successfully used homemade salves, too. After washing my hair, I just spread a dollop about the size of a dime into my hands and run my hands through my hair while it is still wet. I don't go too wild with it, because I know if the little bit I use isn't enough, I can always add more. I found that adding a little extra -- even when my hair is dry -- does the trick OK. Instant smooth, shiny hair!


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